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Diamond Domestic Roller Chain

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Diamond Standard Series chains, built to ASME/ANSI B29.1 standards, are manufactured to very specific requirements. The only thing standard about diamond chains are their ability to fit many standard applications. From industry to agriculture, Diamond Standard Series chains are designed to last longer than any other manufacturer’s roller chain.

Heavy Series chains, also built in accordance with ASME/ANSI B29.1, are designed using link plate material from the next larger size chain. Heavy Series chains are not necessarily stronger than Standard Series chains, but the thicker link plate material provides an increase in fatigue resistance for those drives subjected to heavy shock loads, multiple stops/starts or reversing. Heavy Series chains are called-out by an 'H' in the item #.

All chains are sold in 10 ft lengths unless otherwise described in the item #.

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Item #



List Price

RC40 0417003.00SJ 1/2 in. $63.90
RC40--50FT 0417003.50SJ 1/2 in. $319.50
RC41 0417005.00SJ 1/2 in. $58.80
RC41--50FT 0417005.50SJ 1/2 in. $294.00
RC50 0417006.00SJ 5/8 in. $76.30
RC50--50FT 0417006.50SJ 5/8 in. $381.50
RC50-2 0417007.00SJ 5/8 in. $212.30
RC60 0417008.00SJ 3/4 in. $95.60
RC60--50FT 0417008.50SJ 3/4 in. $478.00
RC60SS 0417008.75SJ 3/4 in. $601.70
RC60-2 0417009.00SJ 3/4 in. $279.50
RC60-3 0417009.50SJ 3/4 in. $739.70
RC60H 0417010.00SJ 3/4 in. $125.60
RC60H--50FT 0417010.50SJ 3/4 in. $628.00
RC80 0417011.00SJ 1 in. $184.40
RC80--50FT 0417011.50SJ 1 in. $920.50
RC80-2 0417012.00SJ 1 in. $592.90
RC80H 0417012.50SJ 1 in. $266.40
RC80H--50FT 0417012.60SJ 1 in. $1,332.00
RC100 0417013.00SJ 1 1/4 in. $341.80
RC100H 0417013.50SJ 1 1/4 in. $433.40
RC120 0417014.00SJ 1 1/2 in. $526.80
RC120H 0417014.50SJ 1 1/2 in. $618.90
RC140 0417014.60SJ 1 3/4 in. $752.10
RC140H 0417014.65SJ 1 3/4 in. $874.10
  Results 1 - 25 of 35 1 2 
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