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Hose Protection

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  • Protec is woven from thousands of nylon filaments into a self-renewing, abrasion-resistant fabric sleeve. As it is scuffed and worn, its filaments friz forming an even thicker more protective shield. This smooth-bore sleeve is easily installed over hose, chains, cables or springs and may be secured with nylon cable ties or band-clamps.
  • It extends individual hose life in severe abrasive enviroments. It protects painted finishes when used as a flexible cover for chains, cables and springs.
  • It is an excellent product for holding two or more hoses in a single bundle. For hose groups that must follow the same flex pattern, bundling will provide identical flex memory to all hoses in group bundles.

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NHS-071 0235058.61SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 1.19 in. 0.71 in. $3.24
NHS-077 N/A Nylon Hose Sleeve 1.25 in. 0.77 in. QUOTE
NHS-090 0235058.60SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 1.50 in. 0.90 in. $3.36
NHS-100 0235058.62SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 1.66 in. 1.00 in. $3.38
NHS-114 0235058.66SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 1.88 in. 1.14 in. $1.80
NHS-125 0235058.63SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.03 in. 1.25 in. $3.74
NHS-130 N/A Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.13 in. 1.30 in. QUOTE
NHS-138 0235058.64SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.25 in. 1.38 in. $1.88
NHS-153 N/A Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.50 in. 1.53 in. QUOTE
NHS-159 0235058.65SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.56 in. 1.59 in. $3.88
NHS-170 N/A Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.75 in. 1.70 in. QUOTE
NHS-175 0235058.67SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 2.81 in. 1.75 in. $2.36
NHS-185 0235058.68SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 3.00 in. 1.85 in. $3.54
NHS-207 0235058.75SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 3.31 in. 2.07 in. $2.88
NHS-225 0235058.77SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 3.63 in. 2.25 in. $3.16
NHS-238 0235058.78SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 3.81 in. 2.38 in. $3.24
NHS-254 0235058.80SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 4.06 in. 2.54 in. $3.56
NHS-264 0235058.85SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 4.25 in. 2.64 in. $2.98
NHS-286 N/A Nylon Hose Sleeve 4.56 in. 2.86 in. QUOTE
NHS-296 N/A Nyoln Hose Sleeve 4.75 in. 2.96 in. QUOTE
NHS-334 N/A Nylon Hose Sleeve 5.31 in. 3.34 in. QUOTE
NHS-366 0235058.95SJ Nylon Hose Sleeve 5.81 in. 3.66 in. $5.96
  Results 1 - 22 of 22 1 
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